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Secrets (Collab)

I took the original SECRETS and merged it with the poetic genius of my friend Jenavia Powell and came up with this piece.  Enjoy!  It was originally posted on my FB page PassionPoet246 … SECRETS (PassionPoet / Jenavation Collaboration) Passion Come … tell me a secret… Say it… Shhhhhhh Not loud… Just whisper it…. Tell … Continue reading


Here’s a short sexy sweet poem between myself and Lisa Lipps…. we really vibe together when we write! Check this out!     CHOCOLATE Passion Your words go straight to my groin, Making me want to make love: Each word masturbates my mind Using magnificent metaphor and style…. Make my mind cum with your words … Continue reading


Here’s a collaboration between myself and my friend Timeca Charles from Antigua.  This is a beautiful piece; please enjoy! SECRET PLACE Timeca As I lay in your arms and Your eyes pierce my soul, I exhale the day away.   Passion I stroke your skin Happy that You are mine and I am yours Let’s … Continue reading

It Started With a Drink… Part 1

This poem is a collaboration between myself and C. Lynette Burks – she had recently done an Author Spotlight on her blog about me (Read it here: Author Spotlight, June 10, 2015) and we got to chatting on Facebook.  We decided to do an erotic collab which started on Friday and went on between us … Continue reading

Celebration (Collab)

I wrote Celebration in honour of Anna B. Loved’s birthday… and when I showed it to her, I told her she could reply to it if she wished.  I just LOVE inspiring sexy verse like this…. enjoy the extended version of this awesome poem… ‘over and over again!’ CELEBRATION Passion: Let my words Trace Your … Continue reading

Seduce Me

This poem is another awesome collab between me and Lisa Lipps. We connect sooo well together; we link up poetically like a lock and its key. (I leave you to figure out which of us is which!) I wrote my verse on its own and gave it to Lisa just to say if she liked … Continue reading

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