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I’ve Been Robbed!

I’ve not been on this blog for a long time – it’s been steadily declining in stats over the last couple months. I apologize to my readers for that. I’ve been going through some emotional stresses recently and basically I’m struggling to get my zeal for writing back.  But of course, I have to explain … Continue reading

Darkness Falls

Haven’t posted here in a couple weeks. I have been going through a tumultuous weekend, culminating in a very emotional conversation.  While mulling over how I felt about it, I had a moment of  literary processing. Those who know me know that my therapeutic poems are called ‘brain dumps’, as I’m just dumping out my thoughts … Continue reading


Those who know my in real life know that I receive and give affection through physical touch – especially hugs.  As I have battled my own emotional and relational losses over the past couple years, I have constantly said that I’m like a plant that is not receiving nourishment because I am not being held, … Continue reading


I was trying to figure out what to post for Open Link Night over at Dverse, and I found this forgotten piece.  It was another brain dump – not knowing how to help a friend.  It’s not my most creative work, but since my brain seems to be on creative hiatus and there’s nothing new coming … Continue reading


Been battling some serious emotional issues recently.  As those who have been here for a while know, that means a brain dump is in the works right?  As I processed my feelings …. they come out here.  So, enjoy the work, even though it’s coming from a dark place right now.   Danger Black viscous … Continue reading


This piece is another brain dump – I didn’t write anything specific for the Christmas season in spite of the myriad prompts across the Internet over the past week or so, but because I didn’t want to put up an old poem, I thought about those who, like myself, see Christmas cheer in a more … Continue reading


I don’t only write about romance, love and sex.  This is a piece I wrote recently just pouring out my feelings …. it’s raw and unedited …. a first draft, if you will… but I am sure someone reading this will understand.  It is a simple poem, not as lyrically diverse as I usually write, … Continue reading

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