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Natural Beauty

I know that shaving is the new in-thing … but I love my Natural beauties … Natural Beauty I love your natural beauty Pinkness peeking through darkened curls Sending swirling tongue on seductive adventure Seeking the pleasure of raised nub Pink treasure presented on silver platter ….   I love your natural beauty Large eyes … Continue reading

Passion Marks

  Passion Marks I scribe my feelings across your skin in passion marks Writing sonnets with my teeth, Leaving epic love tales of lust with every indentation on flesh. I sign my name with the perfect mix of pain and pleasure And speak the language of need – Every syllable synchronous with your whimpers. I … Continue reading


Here’s a poem I got inspired by this morning. Please bear with me, I’m trying to get back to posting in here regularly… TEASE ME Tease me Let legs slip apart naughtily Giving me a peek of panty covered Paradise Black cloth caressing the Intimacy of you Tease me Let me wonder at the scent … Continue reading


Here’s a short sexy sweet poem between myself and Lisa Lipps…. we really vibe together when we write! Check this out!     CHOCOLATE Passion Your words go straight to my groin, Making me want to make love: Each word masturbates my mind Using magnificent metaphor and style…. Make my mind cum with your words … Continue reading


 I haven’t been on this space enough … my stats have shown a steady decline in views. Hopefully I can revive this space soon…  I’ve been trying to push other aspects of my Erotic Empire by opening up a Whatsapp group as well as pushing my FB groups. I got a couple books sold last … Continue reading


Here’s a nice romantic poem for you…. “G” Two hearts reach across the abyss of time And kiss; merging before eyes ever made four. This is a perfect Universe, and though perfect love May not yet exist, Passion grows with joy! You challenge, excite – my wanton girl, Singing in the key of G Whenever … Continue reading

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Poems

  Valentine’s Day is coming up … Please don’t forget you can check out my books OFFERING, EROTIC and SEDUCTION as great Valentine’s Day gifts. Please click on the  book covers for more information!                       To give some incentive, this is one of the poems from EROTIC, called … Continue reading

You, Me, Jazz and Poetry

Here’s a new poem about two of my favourite topics – women and jazz.  It’s a nice romantic piece. Please enjoy… You, Me, Jazz and Poetry You, me, jazz, and poetry, Combining seductively Into single entity. Joining – Producing ecstatic sensory Overload. We dance Hearts swaying rhythmic in time to music’s magic; Taken to levels … Continue reading

Erotic: One Book, Many Feelings

  For more information about EROTIC check out HERE!


This poem is the title piece from my second body of work “Offering: A Collection Of Poems.”  This Kindle-only (for now) edition of my poetry is a small volume that is deliberately inexpensive – my goal is that you download it and then go on to purchase my other books Erotic and Seduction, which are … Continue reading

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