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I was in the mood to play with words – well, actually, I was asked to write on the topic of giving and receiving pleasure… and this is what came out!  Enjoy! Receptivity For what we are about to receive May the Lord make us truly thankful. And we … ARE thankful! As lip slowly … Continue reading


One of the reasons I focus on sexuality is because I realize how powerful it is. It’s not just an act, not just a few minutes of humping or stroking or shaking or screaming. No, sex is an act of worship, an act of healing. It is a divine act – or, as one of … Continue reading


I haven’t posted a poem in here for a little while … I have a couple I’ve written and have stashed away.  I decided to ignite your passions with one today!  Have you ever been in one of those moods where you don’t want to talk – just go at each other like animals? Please … Continue reading


After feeling extremely stuck for months – poetry wise, as I was working on my MAKE IT RAINE novel – I finally got some inspiration and wrote one of my new favourite poems!  Please enjoy this … IMPALE Globes of chocolate goodness raised invitingly, wigging, Making eyes and tongues glisten As desires harden to concrete … Continue reading


First, welcome to a brand new year! 2016 is upon us!  I’m taking a slight break today from the Author Spotlight series to wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous new year, filled with joy and creativity! And orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.  Both physical and mental.   Remember my motto: #LivePassionately!  Do everything with … Continue reading


Old poem found in my archives – I don’t think it’s been posted anywhere… I can tell it’s old; I’m rhyming! LOL Rain Rain, rain,  come again… And again … and again… Torrential flood released Soaking shower between These sheets Cool wetness now slides slowly And meets A searching, wondering Questing tongue Flicking, darting all … Continue reading

Yoni Whisperer

Enjoy this new poem … Sapiosexualism done PassionStyle!   Yoni Whisperer…. Let stiff syllables graze entrance to intellect’s womanhood, With briefest of beats, cadence barely audible, As though feathers fluttered past mind’s labia, teasing. Let probing phrases gently invade mental folds seeking wetness, Seeking evidence that you are ready for ideas’ insertion; Intellect opening like … Continue reading


Here’s a poem I got inspired by this morning. Please bear with me, I’m trying to get back to posting in here regularly… TEASE ME Tease me Let legs slip apart naughtily Giving me a peek of panty covered Paradise Black cloth caressing the Intimacy of you Tease me Let me wonder at the scent … Continue reading


Here’s a nice romantic poem for you…. “G” Two hearts reach across the abyss of time And kiss; merging before eyes ever made four. This is a perfect Universe, and though perfect love May not yet exist, Passion grows with joy! You challenge, excite – my wanton girl, Singing in the key of G Whenever … Continue reading


FREE PROMOTION! FREE PROMOTION! FREE PROMOTION! In honor of #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoMo #NaPoMo15 ! All day today OFFERING – my small book of poetry between EROTIC and SEDUCTION will be offered (no pun, seriously!) for FREE! Check out the sales link here tomorrow! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RJ3GKKU FREE PROMOTION! FREE PROMOTION! FREE PROMOTION!

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