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Temple Yard – Invocation Performance

One of the things I was doing a couple weeks ago was performing at Temple Yard in Barbados for a bi-weekly event called “Culture Live!” Temple Yard is the ‘shanty town’ in Barbados’ capital city Bridgetown that is the home to the Rastafari community. I have been invited to perform there a couple times and … Continue reading


Man, don’t you love when you go through your archives and dig up some gems you forgot about? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… Check this out! Spellbound I’m trapped – Spellbound by your stare… Caught up like fish ensnared; the net – your gaze. I’m amazed that I’m still able to … Continue reading


I was in the mood to play with words – well, actually, I was asked to write on the topic of giving and receiving pleasure… and this is what came out!  Enjoy! Receptivity For what we are about to receive May the Lord make us truly thankful. And we … ARE thankful! As lip slowly … Continue reading


Here’s my latest poem, again celebrating mental stimulation… ahhh, just read it!  Telepathy Let me spread your cerebral cortex slowly and dick you down with Thrusting thoughts that grow stiff – Hard like granite – At the anticipation of entering you, Filling your mind with my words, Where your mental walls stretch with the fullness … Continue reading


One of the reasons I focus on sexuality is because I realize how powerful it is. It’s not just an act, not just a few minutes of humping or stroking or shaking or screaming. No, sex is an act of worship, an act of healing. It is a divine act – or, as one of … Continue reading


I haven’t posted a poem in here for a little while … I have a couple I’ve written and have stashed away.  I decided to ignite your passions with one today!  Have you ever been in one of those moods where you don’t want to talk – just go at each other like animals? Please … Continue reading


I’ve been telling you about my books and where I want to go with the business side of writing – creating and growing what I have started to call the EroticEmpire.  I will get into the details of where I want to go with that in another post. For now, let me bless you with … Continue reading


I’ve written a short poem … oh the horror! ROFL  Seriously, please enjoy this new poem… Tryst You make me want to throw you down Rip away modesty like flimsy cloth Bare your soul to my naked need And claim you as mine You make me want to turn you out Make you beg for … Continue reading

Make It Raine – Update

Hey everyone – I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not dead, and neither is this blog.  I have been focused on some personal stuff – moved out to my own apartment, got closer to the missus, all good things!  I slowed down on writing a little bit, but only some of … Continue reading


Old poem found in my archives – I don’t think it’s been posted anywhere… I can tell it’s old; I’m rhyming! LOL Rain Rain, rain,  come again… And again … and again… Torrential flood released Soaking shower between These sheets Cool wetness now slides slowly And meets A searching, wondering Questing tongue Flicking, darting all … Continue reading

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