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Was playing with words and came (no pun intended) on this poem.  Taken from my Facebook PassionPoet page. COME You bid me come … and I do. I fall into your big beautiful eyes And long to feel the smoothness of your skin under probing fingers.   I feel the fire of my Passion rising … Continue reading


Here’s a poem that was inspired by the voice of one of my fans. I saw her post a video on FB and I started writing immediately!  Enjoy! (Yes… it’s a short poem – GASP!) CELEBRATION She sang …. and I was stuck. Time stood still as notes twirled freely in the silence. Eternity paused … Continue reading


I haven’t posted in here for a little while, but I decided to break my silence today.  I’m in love, and I’m Passion, after all, so I decided to release one of my personal poems to my Beloved on my blog. For all of you reading this, go kiss your significant other… or go find … Continue reading

“Call Me For Prayer…”

This poem is a brain dump that I have sat down on for a long time. The initial write was not complete – I think I was interrupted or stopped my flow midstream and never figured out how to finish the piece until today.  It is a poetic response to a well meaning friend who … Continue reading

Ménage à Trois

This is a collaborative poem between myself, Ainsley “Mr. Erotica” Carter, and Carolyn “EmpressPoetry” Layne – two Barbadian poets who became friends on Facebook.  I was just minding my business yesterday when up suddenly a Facebook chat with the three of us popped up; Carolyn had this idea to collaborate on a poem and I … Continue reading

Emperor and Empress

There’s a reason for my joviality in my last post ‘Nine‘ and I have been pretty caught up in that – that plus other things has been why no one has seen me around my blog for the past three weeks or so. (Phew, who knew dust could gather so quickly? *Blows cobwebs* *cough cough … Continue reading


I was on Facebook and Twitter late last night and I came upon a story of a 17 year old African American young man, Trayvon Martin, who was walking  around in his neighbourhood and was shot by the head of his neighbourhood watch.  It sickened me because it is yet another case of senseless killing. … Continue reading


As part of a challenge placed by my Bajan Poets’ Society group on Facebook, I attempted a humour piece.  Hope it makes someone giggle…. S&M Pleasure Pain Bite me again Let me feel the tingle As bodies mingle   Twisting Turning I feel the burning Of your sadistic thoughts Constant onslaughts   Slaps Claps Handcuff … Continue reading

Do It!

This poem was inspired by one of my best friends who is doing a self-improvement exercise of changing her mind in 30 days. She is reading a lot of books by people like John C. Maxwell and Steven Covey.  One of her Blackberry status messages was about her potential and using her creativity more.  I … Continue reading

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