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Followed where my heart went today. It’s a simple piece – almost a wordshine 🙂 I think I will use “Wordshine” as the name of this form of poem – a simple free verse, designed to snapshot an attraction in a thought, bringing a smile to someone’s heart, like the sunshine smiles over the world … Continue reading

Triumph (Sonnet)

I was working on this sonnet since last year, after a friend of mine was – in my opinion – unfairly boosted out of her job.  She was a great help to my friends and I as it related to learning about poetry and we felt as though that there were certain forces that were unnecessarily working … Continue reading

Alight (Haiku)

I’m back with another haiku … still trying out new forms and working them till I’m comfortable with them.  This one came from a friend’s conversation, where she likened love to a butterfly that alights on your shoulder – so delicate, but so close you can see it’s intricacies.  So, this is inspired by and … Continue reading


I usually have a neat title for my poems … but this is more a cry of my heart right now rather than a well thought out piece that has been inspired through some other media.  So this is just titled…   Haiku Rain veils secret tears Jagged flash slices night sky Heart bloody – … Continue reading

Two Forms: Inspired

I’m accustomed to writing free verse, and more recently, spoken word pieces. On this occasion I wanted to try something new – so I wrote a haiku… (Didn’t mean to rhyme there!)  Anyhow, I had a flash of inspiration, so I  free flowed a poem in my regular style, then transformed it into a haiku. … Continue reading

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