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I was on a roll this morning with my daily poem… I must admit I am impressed how well it turned out How big is my love?  It is…. Immeasurable My love is immeasurable Like if I tried to count exactly how many grains of sand Were on Accra Beach at 1 in the morning … Continue reading

“Call Me For Prayer…”

This poem is a brain dump that I have sat down on for a long time. The initial write was not complete – I think I was interrupted or stopped my flow midstream and never figured out how to finish the piece until today.  It is a poetic response to a well meaning friend who … Continue reading


I felt particularly inspired this morning! I give you… Dedication I dedicate this piece To the most beautiful woman in the world. This piece sings her praises Like a choir of angels sings around the Throne of Grace This piece swears loyalty Like a defendant swears to tell The truth, the whole truth and nothing … Continue reading

More Blog Awards

UPDATE – This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for a LONG time …. I just haven’t had the time to finish my list. I’ve been nominated for more awards since I started, so I’m going to update this now and get it over with LOL Thank you so much to every single one … Continue reading


This piece is another brain dump – I didn’t write anything specific for the Christmas season in spite of the myriad prompts across the Internet over the past week or so, but because I didn’t want to put up an old poem, I thought about those who, like myself, see Christmas cheer in a more … Continue reading


Wrote this sort of as a journal entry. I was feeling lonely and just had to get my feelings out on paper.  Nothing else, really. It’s a pretty nice poem, even though it was more a brain dump than an actual crafted piece.  Here is a little of my Heartache… Heartache I miss… I miss … Continue reading

Poetry Workshop Assignment – Eulogy

Yet another piece created at our poetry workshop. This exercise was to create our own eulogy.  I never shared it with anyone before, but I do think it describes my life quite adequately.  I was trying to create a consistent rhythm, as well.  Hope it works 🙂 And hope you enjoy. Eulogy Life lit by … Continue reading


Sorry for the unintended hiatus, my lovely followers!  I have not been idle,  I have been writing for a while; I just have not had the time to post.   This poem was recently written (try last night!) for a friend who has lost her mom.  I asked her how I could help – she … Continue reading


I was inspired by being at TALK HARD – a spoken word/open mic/performance event put on by my buddies Adrian Greene and DJ Simmons.  I was just blown away at the talent we possess in Barbados (affectionately called ‘Bim’ by us Bajans) and, given my love affair with both poetry and jazz was just transported … Continue reading

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