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Tam Avery Reviews OFFERING

I have not figured out a way of reblogging from the free WordPress platform to my blog – maybe it can’t be done. So, I have copied the review of Offering that my friend Tam Avery wrote for me from her blog Fluent In Words (https://fluentinwords.wordpress.com) Hey guys! I know I’m hella late with this review … Continue reading


I’ve just been playing with concepts – this may or may not be a pure haiku – but I just realized I haven’t done a short piece of poetry on this blog for some time now, and I haven’t gotten up the courage (been lazy!) to try my hand at some of the other styles … Continue reading


Followed where my heart went today. It’s a simple piece – almost a wordshine 🙂 I think I will use “Wordshine” as the name of this form of poem – a simple free verse, designed to snapshot an attraction in a thought, bringing a smile to someone’s heart, like the sunshine smiles over the world … Continue reading

Alight (Haiku)

I’m back with another haiku … still trying out new forms and working them till I’m comfortable with them.  This one came from a friend’s conversation, where she likened love to a butterfly that alights on your shoulder – so delicate, but so close you can see it’s intricacies.  So, this is inspired by and … Continue reading


We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. –Dalai Lama Wilt (Gogyohka) Drooping stem weeps petals Shedding fragrance Fading lustre Mimosa not startled Longing anyway. Related articles Two Forms: Inspired (poetwhispers.wordpress.com) What Poetry Isn’t (brandinielsen.wordpress.com) Forms: Haiku/Senryu (anglachel27.wordpress.com) Purretry Corner: Kitteh Haikus (icanhascheezburger.com) Poetry Writing Prompt (thenightlypoem.com) Haiku with … Continue reading


I usually have a neat title for my poems … but this is more a cry of my heart right now rather than a well thought out piece that has been inspired through some other media.  So this is just titled…   Haiku Rain veils secret tears Jagged flash slices night sky Heart bloody – … Continue reading

Two Forms: Inspired

I’m accustomed to writing free verse, and more recently, spoken word pieces. On this occasion I wanted to try something new – so I wrote a haiku… (Didn’t mean to rhyme there!)  Anyhow, I had a flash of inspiration, so I  free flowed a poem in my regular style, then transformed it into a haiku. … Continue reading

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