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I am always stuck trying to find words to describe my Queen.  On top of that, I have seen some patterns in my work – using similar metaphors, poem structures, and stuff like that. It was even mentioned to me by one of my friends who has followed my work over the years. So! I … Continue reading

Wordshine: Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  This reminds me of a poem that I wrote and posted here a couple years ago when I was courting a good friend of mine – I fell in love and wanted to be more than just friends. She had told me she wasn’t ready to date yet, but I … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Inseparable

“When I first saw you” – Love Quote from the book Offering

When I Kiss You (Collab)

When two people connect as artists, time and space don’t matter.  I met Jana Hannah on Facebook and we started to click almost immediately, even though she is in the States and I am in Barbados. We started to write this poem together but family emergencies pulled her away for a couple months – until … Continue reading

Play Me

Started out as a freestyle piece inspired by the attached picture from my friend Kelligraphy Pens, but I was inspired to finish it.  I was also going to leave it in my FB Notes, but it was gaining so much attention there I decided to post it here too.  Please enjoy my newest erotic poem… … Continue reading


It’s not a haiku but it is a short piece – I thought about expanding it and maybe I might if the mood strikes, but this piece is the completion of a thought I started with yesterday morning. Just playing around with concepts.  I give you…. Heavenward Want to sink so deeply Into you that … Continue reading

Strip You

Here’s another sexy poem for you … I’m living up to my stage name – “PASSION”!  Please enjoy this hot number.  You have been warned from early – last chance before you are aroused beyond all reason … I am not held responsible for what happens after you read this piece, though I would love … Continue reading


This flowed from my pen yesterday morning  –  it came straight out of inspiration from a friend’s BlackBerry Messenger status… Enjoy!  Anointing Anoint my lips with fiery kisses Baptize me in your oil flowing from the passion of our joining Immersed completely within gripping folds We rise and fall repeatedly until we call to the … Continue reading

The Journey

Have you ever taken a trip and enjoyed the journey as much as the actual destination?   You notice all the sights and sounds; you are fully alive as your senses are awakened to everything, you are ALIVE in the moment?  Well take this journey with me ….. The Journey want to kiss my way … Continue reading

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