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Valentine’s Day is approaching.  So it’s time to pluck at some heart-strings… Here’s a new poem… SORCERY You are … Smiling… Weaving spells of bliss around me Breathing stilled… Stopped Only biology forcing air back into lungs, Automatically For you… You are a thief – Stealing my breath Easily Leaving me in awe At the … Continue reading

Emotional Voyeurism

I keep saying that I have to stop neglecting my blog and try to get back into regular postings. There is a lot that has happened recently, but I’ve been spending a lot of time on FB and not a lot of time here. I’m so sorry for that! I will try to get better … Continue reading


This poem is dedicated to my Queen …. as all the love poems are *mushy moment*  Anyway … This is for you, and all the other lovers in the Universe… INFINITE Our love is infinite, like the stars: Birthing and growing, dying and being reborn in the eternity of time For, just as you can … Continue reading


I’ve been telling you about my books and where I want to go with the business side of writing – creating and growing what I have started to call the EroticEmpire.  I will get into the details of where I want to go with that in another post. For now, let me bless you with … Continue reading

The One I Imagine

This poem is one of two collaborations I did with my friend Thobekile “Thobs” Mbanda, who visited Barbados for a couple of months in 2013.  She left before we could perform our collabs together, and I decided to release one of them here. The One I Imagine Thobs You Are the man That sends Shivers … Continue reading


Here’s another personal poem – a superlative poem for my Queen. Indelible My love for you is indelible… Permanently written on my heart with marks that will never fade; Glowing in the dark like reflector paint hit with heart’s headlights. My love is proudly displayed like my name on my lunchbox on the first day … Continue reading


      CELEBRATION Let my words Trace Your face With my desires Let the fires Of my longing Singe your lips I want you I want to take you Claim you Make you mine Want to brand you With the heat of My Passion I want to expose the Inner folds of your Inhibitions … Continue reading

Passion Marks

  Passion Marks I scribe my feelings across your skin in passion marks Writing sonnets with my teeth, Leaving epic love tales of lust with every indentation on flesh. I sign my name with the perfect mix of pain and pleasure And speak the language of need – Every syllable synchronous with your whimpers. I … Continue reading

Kiss Me With Your Eyes

Beautiful collaboration between Dawn Blanchard / Deep Rivers and myself   Kiss Me With Your Eyes…. Dawn: Kiss me with your eyes As the darkness inside me fades into my shadow My pain blended into many colors of forgotten dreams See I realized that what is or was Never has been Used and discarded along … Continue reading


Anyone who knows my work knows I love to link spirituality and sexuality in my poetry.  Here’s another piece on that theme. MEDITATION I kneel at the entrance of the Temple, And breathe. Slowly: In….  Out…. In…. Out…. Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume Feeling Energy rise Body resonating to the frequency of you Vibrations … Continue reading

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