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This poem is dedicated to my Queen …. as all the love poems are *mushy moment*  Anyway … This is for you, and all the other lovers in the Universe… INFINITE Our love is infinite, like the stars: Birthing and growing, dying and being reborn in the eternity of time For, just as you can … Continue reading

The Kiss

I love collaborations; here’s another one with a beautiful poet – Rennetta Lewis. THE KISS (Collab: PassionPoet / Rennetta Lewis) Passion: Kiss me. Let the desires of my mouth tasting yours move from fantasy to physicality, Let the touch of your lips on mine become my blessing, my reality; I cannot live another day without … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Valentine’s Day

Tam Avery Reviews OFFERING

I have not figured out a way of reblogging from the free WordPress platform to my blog – maybe it can’t be done. So, I have copied the review of Offering that my friend Tam Avery wrote for me from her blog Fluent In Words (https://fluentinwords.wordpress.com) Hey guys! I know I’m hella late with this review … Continue reading

First Interview – Valentine’s Day 2013

I thought I would take you all back to my first ever international interview – the one that started my online career as PassionPoet. One day in early January, I received an FB inbox message from this name that I didn’t know.  Jamie Bond had said she got in contact with me because she had … Continue reading

EROTIC – Coming soon

I have not been blogging for a couple of weeks … ok, ok, my last entry was at the beginning of this year. However, the reason is simple – I’m working on my first book. Anyone who has been following my poetic journey for any length of time knows that I love to write around … Continue reading


Continuing the love poems – who’s ever been struck speechless? Speechless I love you. Feelings so overwhelming Struck dumb in the telling Voice stolen by emotion Lips just going through the motions I love you. Speech caught in my throat Can’t sing even the first note Coz love overwhelms thought And leaves me breathless. I … Continue reading


I’ve been away from the Internet and my blog for too long, for several different reasons… but I’m back! New internet connection and new passions!  Right now, though, I’ve come down with a bout of lovesickness….  maybe someone can relate? Lovesick I get drunk off your essence Your presence leaves me high Buzzed Floating on … Continue reading

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