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Man, don’t you love when you go through your archives and dig up some gems you forgot about? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… Check this out! Spellbound I’m trapped – Spellbound by your stare… Caught up like fish ensnared; the net – your gaze. I’m amazed that I’m still able to … Continue reading


Here’s a collaboration between myself and my friend Timeca Charles from Antigua.  This is a beautiful piece; please enjoy! SECRET PLACE Timeca As I lay in your arms and Your eyes pierce my soul, I exhale the day away.   Passion I stroke your skin Happy that You are mine and I am yours Let’s … Continue reading


My Queen and I are in an open, long distance relationship. She lives in Antigua, and has been with me for two months, but that time ends for us on Sunday. I’m trying to deal, and I usually do so by writing. This is the other side of Passion … passionate emotions, not always sexual … Continue reading


Anyone who knows my work knows I love to link spirituality and sexuality in my poetry.  Here’s another piece on that theme. MEDITATION I kneel at the entrance of the Temple, And breathe. Slowly: In….  Out…. In…. Out…. Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume Feeling Energy rise Body resonating to the frequency of you Vibrations … Continue reading

Today’s love quote — Your beauty

Your beauty arouses my muse sensuality excites pen’s muse my heart speeds up and I write verses flow out with all my might Wordshine -2012.01.24

You, Me and Poetry

Tam Avery and I have fun collaborating on poems … here’s another recent one…. You, Me and Poetry (Robert) I want our minds to merge with sexual abandon.. (Tam) Merging and mingling Tingling spines Along with verbs… (Robert) Adjectives Inject incentives into Our mental movements – Let us stir similes into our sentences with The … Continue reading


One of my favourite poets, Tam Avery, and I on another collaboration!  Enjoy! Amazed! Robert I am amazed at your beauty Your glory Is in your mind But Manifesting bodily Your bountiful breasts call to me Your yoni sings And I move rhythmically In time to the melody Of your body’s orchestra…. Tam Then orchestrate … Continue reading

Love’s Lotion

Going through my archives found a collab that I did with my friend Leanne…  Please enjoy! LOVE’S LOTION Leanne: Naked legs step out of an empty shower Skin dripping wet Towel reached down Dragged across clean flesh Across breast Down the sides In between thighs To dry wiggling toes Purpose fulfilled Towel is replaced by … Continue reading

You, Me, Jazz and Poetry

Here’s a new poem about two of my favourite topics – women and jazz.  It’s a nice romantic piece. Please enjoy… You, Me, Jazz and Poetry You, me, jazz, and poetry, Combining seductively Into single entity. Joining – Producing ecstatic sensory Overload. We dance Hearts swaying rhythmic in time to music’s magic; Taken to levels … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Valentine’s Day

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