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Love Quotes: Work Of Art

From the book Sedcution available now on Amazon

Love Quotes: Reflection

Free Spirit

 I’ve been away from this page for a little while – but I am back with news – the PassionPoet has married his Queen, LadyPassion, in a civil ceremony on Thursday, 14th August.  Being the big romantic I am, I secretly wrote her this poem and read it after the formal vows, surprising her and … Continue reading


After my poem “Immeasurable“, I set myself a challenge to write similar poems in similar style – longer lines and a similar rhythmic pattern.  I also deliberately chose similar superlative words as titles, so I wrote “Inseparable” soon after. This is another one in that series; it’s quite short, in comparison to my usual length. … Continue reading


I was thinking about how my Queen and I met and started playing around with words – this is what came out! I hope you enjoy this passionate peek into my love life…  (And yes, this is officially my first poem for the New Year, I’ve been pretty swamped at work, as well as pushing … Continue reading

Chocolate Obsession

I love love…. and I have an obsession with certain types of chocolate.  I am not usually into sweets, but, this one takes the cake – and my heart heartily agrees! Enjoy my new  CHOCOLATE OBSESSION I taste your Chocolate complexion As I stare at you. I devour you with my eyes; My pupils engorge, … Continue reading


I was talking on Skype and had an awesome metaphor hit me full on … I immediately started writing this poem.  Who else feels that love is a gyroscope that keeps one stable? Stability Orientation maintained Momentum sustained Unaffected by whispered refrains by lips with jealous stains on teeth Acidic gossip attempts to eat  away … Continue reading


Wrote this sort of as a journal entry. I was feeling lonely and just had to get my feelings out on paper.  Nothing else, really. It’s a pretty nice poem, even though it was more a brain dump than an actual crafted piece.  Here is a little of my Heartache… Heartache I miss… I miss … Continue reading

Exquisite Beauty

I wrote this after I was chatting with a friend and I called her cute – she got mad! *grin* So I wrote this in response….   Exquisite Beauty You are not cute. You are exquisitely delicate Like fine expensive china. Your beauty sparkles off Your smile like the light Twinkling on diamonds, Hitting the … Continue reading

Eternal Love

This poem is my submission to a challenge to respond to another poet’s piece.  She was writing about the challenge of responding to romantic advances by someone twenty years her junior.  I responded with this piece from the youngster’s perspective.  I think it came out pretty well. 🙂 Eternal Love Eternal love sings a melody … Continue reading

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