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You, Me and Poetry

Tam Avery and I have fun collaborating on poems … here’s another recent one…. You, Me and Poetry (Robert) I want our minds to merge with sexual abandon.. (Tam) Merging and mingling Tingling spines Along with verbs… (Robert) Adjectives Inject incentives into Our mental movements – Let us stir similes into our sentences with The … Continue reading

Darkness Falls

Haven’t posted here in a couple weeks. I have been going through a tumultuous weekend, culminating in a very emotional conversation.  While mulling over how I felt about it, I had a moment of  literary processing. Those who know me know that my therapeutic poems are called ‘brain dumps’, as I’m just dumping out my thoughts … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Valentine’s Day

Tam Avery Reviews OFFERING

I have not figured out a way of reblogging from the free WordPress platform to my blog – maybe it can’t be done. So, I have copied the review of Offering that my friend Tam Avery wrote for me from her blog Fluent In Words (https://fluentinwords.wordpress.com) Hey guys! I know I’m hella late with this review … Continue reading

Irrefutable – A Love Poem by PassionPoet

Here is another video of a poem from my collection; a love poem called “Irrefutable.”  I  For more information check out http://www.facebook.com/EroticAnthology and http://www.facebook.com/PassionPoet246   Irrefutable My love for you is irrefutable. Even though it is indescribable by societal standards And is incapable of fitting into their neat boxes, It works for us, fits perfectly aligned to … Continue reading


I have been having a great time collaborating with a friend, who had some awesome ideas for a new poem.  She started and all I did was tighten up the rhythm and add a couple words.  This poem is HOT!  Hope you are ready for the… Surprise Eyes closed Mind wondering Candles burning Body yearning … Continue reading

In Tandem…

Here’s a nice little write that popped into my head a couple months ago that I sat down today and finished this afternoon for dVerse.  I am going to sit down one day soon and do a recording of this spoken word piece.  Hope you enjoy the intrinsic rhythm of this piece, and I will … Continue reading

I Spy

This is another wordshine poem (For those who are new to this blog, click here  and  here  to see where I explain this concept.)  It’s one of the longer ones; it was so simple, but very effective in garnering the smile I was seeking 🙂  Please enjoy this little wordplay, and may these words shine into … Continue reading


I wanted to share another wordshine poem – this one written this morning!    🙂 Synonyms Soft sunlight steals slowly over silent sky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sensual smile slips sexily across sweet face…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Synonymous


The below piece was my response to a situation involving one of my friends and her son – they are of Rastafarian faith, but her son was refused entry to a private preschool because of his hair-style.  It has inflamed my circle of friends and has sent ripples through the nation, as newspapers took up … Continue reading

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