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  I had a quick little write this weekend after thinking about the word ‘Kryptonite.’  I love having moments of inspiration based off of random words … Tell me what you think …   Picture credit: DreamerOfExistence (DeviantArt) KRYPTONITE Strength bleeds as resolve crumbles Self-determination fades Thoughts of you assassinate composure And, though, invulnerability is … Continue reading

I’ve Been Robbed!

I’ve not been on this blog for a long time – it’s been steadily declining in stats over the last couple months. I apologize to my readers for that. I’ve been going through some emotional stresses recently and basically I’m struggling to get my zeal for writing back.  But of course, I have to explain … Continue reading


My Queen and I are in an open, long distance relationship. She lives in Antigua, and has been with me for two months, but that time ends for us on Sunday. I’m trying to deal, and I usually do so by writing. This is the other side of Passion … passionate emotions, not always sexual … Continue reading

Vigil II

I was going to ignore the call to write a poem a day for April #NationalPoetryMonth, but since I’ve been writing a poem a day anyway, I decided to give it a whirl.  This is day #4, and this is the poem that I came up with, while processing some things in my life. Vigil … Continue reading


Who has ever felt the pain of loneliness? This poem is being submitted to OpenLinkNight at Dverse, on now!  Enjoy…   Resurrection… Liquid love leaves trails down anguished face Heart wrenches in torturous pain Distance twists cold steel Souls’ sinews sever: Screaming. Hearts long for connection – Touch me! Longing to hold and be held, … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by some heart shattering news I got yesterday afternoon, as well as the photo prompt from Dverse Poetry Pub’s Poetics feature – Awareness of the Experience.  I have taken this shot – which, the artist says, is based in Barbados (where I’ve lived all my life) – and wrote a poem around … Continue reading


I was trying to figure out what to post for Open Link Night over at Dverse, and I found this forgotten piece.  It was another brain dump – not knowing how to help a friend.  It’s not my most creative work, but since my brain seems to be on creative hiatus and there’s nothing new coming … Continue reading

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