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Irrefutable – A Love Poem by PassionPoet

Here is another video of a poem from my collection; a love poem called “Irrefutable.”  I  For more information check out http://www.facebook.com/EroticAnthology and http://www.facebook.com/PassionPoet246   Irrefutable My love for you is irrefutable. Even though it is indescribable by societal standards And is incapable of fitting into their neat boxes, It works for us, fits perfectly aligned to … Continue reading


Here’s a poem that was inspired by the voice of one of my fans. I saw her post a video on FB and I started writing immediately!  Enjoy! (Yes… it’s a short poem – GASP!) CELEBRATION She sang …. and I was stuck. Time stood still as notes twirled freely in the silence. Eternity paused … Continue reading

PassionPoet: Introduction

This is the introduction poem that I start my performances with when I step onto a stage.  I share it here as I was practicing it this morning and had a WAVE of POSITIVE ENERGY overwhlem me … so I want to spread it to everyone! Introduction I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR…. of the heart… But … Continue reading


I was thinking about how my Queen and I met and started playing around with words – this is what came out! I hope you enjoy this passionate peek into my love life…  (And yes, this is officially my first poem for the New Year, I’ve been pretty swamped at work, as well as pushing … Continue reading


This flowed from my pen yesterday morning  –  it came straight out of inspiration from a friend’s BlackBerry Messenger status… Enjoy!  Anointing Anoint my lips with fiery kisses Baptize me in your oil flowing from the passion of our joining Immersed completely within gripping folds We rise and fall repeatedly until we call to the … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by the Troy Davis saga – a black man accused of killing a white cop and held for a murder charge.  Although most of the prosecution’s witnesses recanted or contradicted their earlier evidence, and although Troy continued to maintain his innocence, he was executed by lethal injection on September 21, 2011. … Continue reading

Mission Statement

All this week a couple friends and I are at a poetry workshop, where we are honing our craft with some awesome instruction. The essence of one of our exercises was as follows: You are an out of work muse who has inspired and architect and a car designer and now is going to inspire … Continue reading


I was given some news tonight that left me feeling furious.  I probably don’t need to spell it out once you have read the poem.  I just had to release this piece before going to bed.  It really probably should be kept private, but heck – this is my blog. Read if you feel like … Continue reading


I was inspired by being at TALK HARD – a spoken word/open mic/performance event put on by my buddies Adrian Greene and DJ Simmons.  I was just blown away at the talent we possess in Barbados (affectionately called ‘Bim’ by us Bajans) and, given my love affair with both poetry and jazz was just transported … Continue reading

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