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Mahalia’s Corner: Twice As Nice

I procrastinated writing last week’s post, and so I’m gonna try to do a mashup of both weeks so far in one post. LOL Now that that disclaimer is out of the way…Just enjoy! This is September, and I decided to do something for myself this month. One of the things I decided to do … Continue reading


On this day August 14, 2014, I married my love, my light, my best friend and my Queen… Felicia Ma’at Martin-Gibson. We have been apart for far too long, but know that I love you more and more each second. As I always tell you, every cell of my body screams your name every day. … Continue reading

OFFERING – Free today on Amazon!

OFFERING I seek to enter the Sacred space: The place of birth, Of gestation; My adoration is palpable – physical – sacrificial … So I do not come empty handed. I bring everything I am to the house of worship – The place where Goddess dwells, Where seeds swell with limitless potential – And I … Continue reading

I Reach For You

I wrote this poem in honour of the lady who became the 600th like on my EROTIC: Robert Gibson FB page. Temple BE is a beautiful, African Queen that I recently had the pleasure of connecting online; I searched through her page and wrote this as I was washed over by her and her page’s … Continue reading

EROTIC: Audre Lorde and the Internal Sense of Satisfaction

Many times, when I have been interviewed about my books and my inspiration as a poet, people ask me why I focus on the erotic. I even remember that someone asked me why my first book has the title “EROTIC.”  It is true that I write and perform a lot of poems about sex, and … Continue reading

Erotic: One Book, Many Feelings

  For more information about EROTIC check out HERE!

Introduction to Passion

Below is the text of my article written for MEDIUM.COM. I post it here for all the new likes and followers on my pages!  Welcome; please stay a while! INTRODUCTION TO PASSION What is Passion? Dictionary.com has this to say: noun 1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. 2. strong … Continue reading

Tam Avery Reviews OFFERING

I have not figured out a way of reblogging from the free WordPress platform to my blog – maybe it can’t be done. So, I have copied the review of Offering that my friend Tam Avery wrote for me from her blog Fluent In Words (https://fluentinwords.wordpress.com) Hey guys! I know I’m hella late with this review … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Inseparable

Love Quotes: Reflection

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