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Love’s Lotion

Going through my archives found a collab that I did with my friend Leanne…  Please enjoy! LOVE’S LOTION Leanne: Naked legs step out of an empty shower Skin dripping wet Towel reached down Dragged across clean flesh Across breast Down the sides In between thighs To dry wiggling toes Purpose fulfilled Towel is replaced by … Continue reading

Tameka Jarvis-George: DINNER

I have been in contact with a lovely Antiguan lady Tameka Jarvis, who has a wonderful blog Bak2moi : Mommy On a Mission.  She is an author, a poet, and a beautiful lady inside and out.  She has been interviewed by Linisa George, another great friend, for her upcoming website Black Girl In The Ring. … Continue reading

Self Discovery

I’ve yet again found a poem hiding in my archives, a poem that I wrote a little while ago and after letting it rest for a while realized that it is good as it is for now. I like this piece – also easy to read aloud.  Enjoy this piece of Self Discovery I wish … Continue reading

Soul Mate

I’m running really late for dVerse OpenLinkNight… thank God it goes on for 2-3 days, right? Anyhow, this is a love poem I wrote about three days ago. Hope it helps you remember your significant other… Enjoy – Soul Mate I will stare deep into your eyes Captured Mesmerised Hypnotised My heart will slowly realize … Continue reading

In Tandem…

Here’s a nice little write that popped into my head a couple months ago that I sat down today and finished this afternoon for dVerse.  I am going to sit down one day soon and do a recording of this spoken word piece.  Hope you enjoy the intrinsic rhythm of this piece, and I will … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by some heart shattering news I got yesterday afternoon, as well as the photo prompt from Dverse Poetry Pub’s Poetics feature – Awareness of the Experience.  I have taken this shot – which, the artist says, is based in Barbados (where I’ve lived all my life) – and wrote a poem around … Continue reading


I wanted to share another wordshine poem – this one written this morning!    🙂 Synonyms Soft sunlight steals slowly over silent sky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sensual smile slips sexily across sweet face…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Synonymous


This poem has a twist at the end – I hope you follow through to the end. I wrote it in response to a personal experience I had.  I would tell you what it is, but it would spoil the surprise! You should figure it out by the end of the poem.  Enjoy! Luscious  … … Continue reading

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