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I was inspired this morning to write a new piece.  I hope you enjoy it! Conquest I want To not be the explorer, But the explored – To be the land Ravaged Blazing new trails into virgin territory; Seeking veiled treasure Hidden behind the unknown. Making sojourn as musky heat rises – Passion’s noon. Skin … Continue reading

2012 in review

Looking back on 2012 …. people always look back and reminisce over the year that has gone.  I decided to do the same for my blog. I grew as an artiste this year, and a writer.  Celebrate with me and see what I did for 2012! Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of … Continue reading

The Journey

Have you ever taken a trip and enjoyed the journey as much as the actual destination?   You notice all the sights and sounds; you are fully alive as your senses are awakened to everything, you are ALIVE in the moment?  Well take this journey with me ….. The Journey want to kiss my way … Continue reading


Sorry for the unintended hiatus, my lovely followers!  I have not been idle,  I have been writing for a while; I just have not had the time to post.   This poem was recently written (try last night!) for a friend who has lost her mom.  I asked her how I could help – she … Continue reading

Whispers of Poetry

Welcome to my new blog Poet: Whispers…  where I can release my inner poet and keep all my anthology together.  Later I may publish them, but for now, as I referenced in my About  page, I want to keep them away from being accidentally deleted or something by putting them up in the cloud (or on … Continue reading

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