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When I Kiss You (Collab)

When two people connect as artists, time and space don’t matter.  I met Jana Hannah on Facebook and we started to click almost immediately, even though she is in the States and I am in Barbados. We started to write this poem together but family emergencies pulled her away for a couple months – until … Continue reading

“Call Me For Prayer…”

This poem is a brain dump that I have sat down on for a long time. The initial write was not complete – I think I was interrupted or stopped my flow midstream and never figured out how to finish the piece until today.  It is a poetic response to a well meaning friend who … Continue reading


I have been totally unable to update my blog for the last couple of weeks … I have not forgotten my adoring fans, but Internet access has been limited as of late.  Anyway, I have been able to write a couple more poems recently, and I’m sharing a new one with you all today!    … Continue reading


I’ve been sick recently, and therefore have not been in a position to write anything new this week. That being said, I stumbled onto this poem I wrote a while back … as my poetic friend Beth Winter of Eclipsing Winter says, “You gotta love the #adult hashtag!” Well, since I was drawn to her … Continue reading


We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. –Dalai Lama Wilt (Gogyohka) Drooping stem weeps petals Shedding fragrance Fading lustre Mimosa not startled Longing anyway. Related articles Two Forms: Inspired (poetwhispers.wordpress.com) What Poetry Isn’t (brandinielsen.wordpress.com) Forms: Haiku/Senryu (anglachel27.wordpress.com) Purretry Corner: Kitteh Haikus (icanhascheezburger.com) Poetry Writing Prompt (thenightlypoem.com) Haiku with … Continue reading

Poetry Workshop Assignment – Eulogy

Yet another piece created at our poetry workshop. This exercise was to create our own eulogy.  I never shared it with anyone before, but I do think it describes my life quite adequately.  I was trying to create a consistent rhythm, as well.  Hope it works 🙂 And hope you enjoy. Eulogy Life lit by … Continue reading

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