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You, Me, Jazz and Poetry

Here’s a new poem about two of my favourite topics – women and jazz.  It’s a nice romantic piece. Please enjoy… You, Me, Jazz and Poetry You, me, jazz, and poetry, Combining seductively Into single entity. Joining – Producing ecstatic sensory Overload. We dance Hearts swaying rhythmic in time to music’s magic; Taken to levels … Continue reading


After my poem “Immeasurable“, I set myself a challenge to write similar poems in similar style – longer lines and a similar rhythmic pattern.  I also deliberately chose similar superlative words as titles, so I wrote “Inseparable” soon after. This is another one in that series; it’s quite short, in comparison to my usual length. … Continue reading

Sleep’s Puzzle

This poem is my remembering a nice cuddle I had once, and also reminiscent of a friend’s poem. Cher’s poem, “I LOVE YOUR WAY”, can be read here.  And now, for my own installment, I give you Sleep’s Puzzle Arms pull you close Drawing living essence From your presence As chin finds comfortable seat In … Continue reading

Love Is….

This poem was written in response to a situation where a potential love interest of a friend of mine accused her of having romantic feelings for me because we love each other.  My friend was trying to get him to understand that our love is deep and strong – but then he accused us of … Continue reading

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