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Seduction: Some Books Will Tease…

Are you ready to be SEDUCED? For more information on SEDUCTION go HERE!

Seduction is LIVE!

(Or – “Look What Came In the Mail!) Check what came by UPS today: This is the physical proof copy of my latest book SEDUCTION, which is now available in Amazon’s Createspace.com and now at Amazon’s website.   WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I Want To Fuck A Poet

I just realized that this poem is nearly a year old. It was posted first on my FB page (www.facebook.com/PassionPoet246) and I post it here to my site for the first time! I had this concept as a poetry idea for a while now but couldn’t figure out how to write it. I let it … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Inseparable

Love Quotes: Reflection


Posting another poem that was exclusive to my FB page – you can check out more of the notes HERE.  What’s your FETISH? FETISH You might think me fresh – maybe crazy But can you give me a peek? Want to see your panties – That sight stirs up my fantasies; Blue, or white or pink … Continue reading


Was playing with words and came (no pun intended) on this poem.  Taken from my Facebook PassionPoet page. COME You bid me come … and I do. I fall into your big beautiful eyes And long to feel the smoothness of your skin under probing fingers.   I feel the fire of my Passion rising … Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Seduction

Here are  the covers reveals (yes, I said covers – i.e. more than one…) for my next book SEDUCTION.   This is the front of the book … the teaser … What do you think, ladies? Do you think you can resist being seduced by these smoky eyes and dreamy stare?  It’s actually a double … Continue reading


After being in a writing coma for a while, I started writing this poem. It’s really the first part of a longer piece, which I may link to at another time, as it is a collab with another poet and is already on Facebook.  I decided to put this poem up as a separate piece … Continue reading


I was gonna keep this poem quiet for a while, but after seeing a post on a blog I follow (“Off Go the Panties“)  where she was talking about seduction using words, I just had to post this new poem.  Check it out! Seduction I want to seduce you lyrically, Let my poetry slip easily … Continue reading

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