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Here’s a nice romantic poem for you…. “G” Two hearts reach across the abyss of time And kiss; merging before eyes ever made four. This is a perfect Universe, and though perfect love May not yet exist, Passion grows with joy! You challenge, excite – my wanton girl, Singing in the key of G Whenever … Continue reading


A moment in time encapsulated in verse…  Enjoy! TOUCH Sparks snap synapses Skin touches skin Fingers curl Tracing palm’s love lines As world drifts away….   And there …   There is only us.   No crowd No noise Music muted to a murmur.   Just us   Our hands linked Longing Desirous of delving … Continue reading

Double Penetration

I have been neglecting this blog for too long in favour of pushing my book EROTIC on FB and Twitter.  I don’t, however, want to leave this blog dormant. Therefore, I am posting a poem that came to me yesterday morning. I was in a group on FB that had a picture of double penetration. … Continue reading


I’m on a roll! First there was Immeasurable, then Inseparable, the Indescribable and now Irrefutable … can anyone see a pattern here?  Please enjoy my latest poem in this series! I’ve coined the phrase “Superlative Poetry” to describe the feelings each poem gives! Irrefutable My love for you is irrefutable. Even though it is indescribable by societal standards And … Continue reading

Birthday Kiss

Things have been a tad too serious around here.  Time to heat things up!  I wrote this in honour of someone’s birthday they celebrated recently – should I give it to them? *hehe*  You may need a fan for this one ….. Birthday Kiss Kiss so hot Makes skin flush red with desire Burning lips, … Continue reading

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