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Anyone who knows my work knows I love to link spirituality and sexuality in my poetry.  Here’s another piece on that theme. MEDITATION I kneel at the entrance of the Temple, And breathe. Slowly: In….  Out…. In…. Out…. Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume Feeling Energy rise Body resonating to the frequency of you Vibrations … Continue reading


Here’s a nice romantic poem for you…. “G” Two hearts reach across the abyss of time And kiss; merging before eyes ever made four. This is a perfect Universe, and though perfect love May not yet exist, Passion grows with joy! You challenge, excite – my wanton girl, Singing in the key of G Whenever … Continue reading


I have been totally unable to update my blog for the last couple of weeks … I have not forgotten my adoring fans, but Internet access has been limited as of late.  Anyway, I have been able to write a couple more poems recently, and I’m sharing a new one with you all today!    … Continue reading


Those who know my in real life know that I receive and give affection through physical touch – especially hugs.  As I have battled my own emotional and relational losses over the past couple years, I have constantly said that I’m like a plant that is not receiving nourishment because I am not being held, … Continue reading

International Women’s Day – Repost (Naked)

Today is International Women’s Day – and I want to take this opportunity to give “big up a girl like Woman…” (DJ Simmons – “Woman”)  This poem is a repost of one of my favourite poems – Naked.  It was written to celebrate women, and it really represents how I feel about all the women … Continue reading

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