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PassionPoet: Introduction

This is the introduction poem that I start my performances with when I step onto a stage.  I share it here as I was practicing it this morning and had a WAVE of POSITIVE ENERGY overwhlem me … so I want to spread it to everyone! Introduction I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR…. of the heart… But … Continue reading


Who has ever had the kind of out of world experience of love? Check my poem … Galactic Can you feel it? I can. I can feel the burn of being too close to the flame The hairs on my skin singe when you’re near And I want to cool down – But I can’t. … Continue reading


I was challenged to write a poem about my “open relationship” status … this is what I came up with….    Insatiable My love is insatiable…. That’s why I am unable to fit its description into a societal box that locks neatly, Why people do a double take when I boldly declare my open status; … Continue reading


Enjoy this new poem …. I was just feeling in a “Take this d*ck” kinda mood… We don’t always have to go slow No… I want to take you with quickness Show you I’m able to handle this… Want to throw you down Spread petals wide Slide inside with the speed of a Nascar driver … Continue reading

Lovesick – Audio by BitterSweetVerse

One of my Dverse Poets Pub friends, BittersweetVerse, always tells me when she has read my poems aloud.  I told her I’d be honoured to have her read one of my poems.  I told her to go through my archive and choose one.  So, she chose LoveSick. I took ages to figure out how to … Continue reading

Ménage à Trois

This is a collaborative poem between myself, Ainsley “Mr. Erotica” Carter, and Carolyn “EmpressPoetry” Layne – two Barbadian poets who became friends on Facebook.  I was just minding my business yesterday when up suddenly a Facebook chat with the three of us popped up; Carolyn had this idea to collaborate on a poem and I … Continue reading

In Tandem…

Here’s a nice little write that popped into my head a couple months ago that I sat down today and finished this afternoon for dVerse.  I am going to sit down one day soon and do a recording of this spoken word piece.  Hope you enjoy the intrinsic rhythm of this piece, and I will … Continue reading

OpenLink Night

I’ve recently joined a poetry community Called the Poets’ Pub http://dversepoets.com/ and they have this cool idea where if you are a poet you can link on their site on Tuesday nights … I put up one of my pieces – “Phoenix” – for once not a love poem, but a poem of solidarity and support for … Continue reading

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