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I haven’t posted in here for a little while, but I decided to break my silence today.  I’m in love, and I’m Passion, after all, so I decided to release one of my personal poems to my Beloved on my blog. For all of you reading this, go kiss your significant other… or go find … Continue reading

Emperor and Empress

There’s a reason for my joviality in my last post ‘Nine‘ and I have been pretty caught up in that – that plus other things has been why no one has seen me around my blog for the past three weeks or so. (Phew, who knew dust could gather so quickly? *Blows cobwebs* *cough cough … Continue reading


I was on Facebook and Twitter late last night and I came upon a story of a 17 year old African American young man, Trayvon Martin, who was walking  around in his neighbourhood and was shot by the head of his neighbourhood watch.  It sickened me because it is yet another case of senseless killing. … Continue reading

Anointing (Extended)

I have promised to extend Anointing – make it more than a wordshine poem. This morning I sat at my computer after a dry spell of two to three weeks and started to write. As I tweeted today “Dear Twitter – my muse was out on sick leave with lyrical laryngitis – she is slowly … Continue reading

Whispers of Poetry

Welcome to my new blog Poet: Whispers…  where I can release my inner poet and keep all my anthology together.  Later I may publish them, but for now, as I referenced in my About  page, I want to keep them away from being accidentally deleted or something by putting them up in the cloud (or on … Continue reading

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