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Erotic Reviewed in BimRock Magazine

On the 1st of February, internationally recognized as both Black History Month AND the month of love, the third installment of BimROCK Magazine was launched. Kudos to Rachelle Gray and her Bimrock Magazine team for another successful magazine edition! For those who follow Robert Gibson, the PassionPoet, there is a review of EROTIC in the Reviews section … Continue reading

Newspaper Feature: Passionate about Poetry

I have been featured in my local newspaper this weekend!  The Sunday Sun’s EASY magazine made me the centre pages feature, talking about myself, my poetry, my inspirations and my books.   PASSIONATE. HYPNOTIC. EROTIC. Robert “Passion Poet” Gibson’s wordplay entices and envelops you, painting pictures and conjuring images of heated bodies between sheets, and … Continue reading

Sun Salutation

My poem this morning is a departure from my normal free-flow style. Now, I am not versed in a lot of the theory of poetry beyond the basic definitions of stanza, line, rhyme and literary devices, so I would be hard pressed to explain the rhythm of this piece in terms of meter, feet and … Continue reading

World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day. Now I know that this post is going up near the end of my work day and it should have gone up near the beginning of the day to give maximum exposure commemorating the day, but it was a hard day at work and I couldn’t  stop to try to … Continue reading


This is a play on words (actually, it’s a gogyohka)  based on writing prompts at the Gooseberry Garden. (Choose from Snow, December, Winter, Vacations and Wilderness – these are the themes for the Third Poetry Picnic… check out the website for the entire prompt, I’m too lazy to type it out LOL) Enjoy…  December Wind … Continue reading


I was challenged by my poetry workshop tutor to write a poem that was a running metaphor.  This is one of the pieces I wrote with that in mind. Pollination Rose budding blooming slipping open slowly releasing sweet scent intoxicating awaiting arrival proboscis entering feasting on nectar Also posted for D’Verse Poets Pub – OpenLinkNight.  Doors … Continue reading

Poetry Workshop Assignment: Fifty Lines, One Sentence

Here is yet another one of my workshop pieces created at my first poetry workshop – as the title says, we had to write a fifty line piece that was one extended sentence.   Fifty lines: one sentence I sit Silently Against The wall Staring out At The Miracle Formed Within the womb Of Nature … Continue reading

Another OpenLink Night … and a New Poem: Rain

Last week was my first OpenLink night at dVerse Poetry Pub – and it was AWESOME.  The poems were fast and furious – and there were 141 different poems and blogs to read through…. I didn’t get a chance to go through all of them … but there were about 40 different people that clicked … Continue reading

OpenLink Night

I’ve recently joined a poetry community Called the Poets’ Pub http://dversepoets.com/ and they have this cool idea where if you are a poet you can link on their site on Tuesday nights … I put up one of my pieces – “Phoenix” – for once not a love poem, but a poem of solidarity and support for … Continue reading


Sorry for the unintended hiatus, my lovely followers!  I have not been idle,  I have been writing for a while; I just have not had the time to post.   This poem was recently written (try last night!) for a friend who has lost her mom.  I asked her how I could help – she … Continue reading

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