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Merry Christmas!

In Barbados, we celebrate Christmas Day AND Boxing Day – just like England does.  Why is this important? Well, yuh see, what had happen was……whenever we have a bank holiday (public holiday) on a Sunday, the country gets the Monday off work. But Monday is a holiday already, so Sunday’s bank holiday is passed on to Tuesday! This means that we are having a four day weekend (yay me!)

I may be too busy to check into the blog over the long weekend, but I want to take this opportunity to wish every single member of my EroticEmpire – those who connect with me here on this blog, those who connect with me on Facebook under the PassionPoet page or the EroticEmpire page or the Passionate Words Editing Services page, or on Whatsapp – a wonderful Christmas season and a prosperous New Year!

There are several Bajan Christmas songs below. Please enjoy them. I don’t feel like it is Christmas unless I hear Maizie from Red Plastic Bag and some of the others on this playlist.

There are lots of things coming up for the Empire and the PassionPoet during the New Year!

Finally MAKE IT RAINE will be released to the public!

Make it Raine official cover

It has been on the shelf for a couple of months. As I have previously mentioned here, I had sent the manuscript to the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment Fund Award competition. According to the rules of the competition, I submitted the unpublished manuscript, and I am unclear as to whether I would be disqualified if I published the manuscript on my own. That being said, the judging will be complete in a few weeks time (hopefully) and I will be then able to release this long awaited literary masterpiece to the world.

I have created a business bank account and will be pushing the Empire in two different directions: Passionate Words Editing Services will push to polish the manuscripts of new and established writers before their work gets released to the public and PassionPoet the spoken word artist will be aiming to perform more and hopefully extend the brand through time on stage.

There are two more book projects on stream and I am going to commit to my album idea. The logos representing PassionPoet, EroticEmpire and the Passionate Words Editing Services will be placed on sell-able merchandise such as shirts and hats etc so you can rep the Passion wherever you go!

Stay tuned!

Once again, thank you so much for being a part of this journey! It’s been a rough journey at times; the books have been selling very slowly, but I am not giving up and I will continue to push forward until I achieve my goals!  As your Christmas season continues, let your life be a Passionate one and as the new year opens up, throw aside your fears and go after your dreams! #Live Passionately!

If you have not yet gotten any of my books, please go to the  BOOKS page and select and peruse the books there. Please support the author and buy and review the books!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from PassionPoet, and the EroticEmpire!

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