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One of the reasons I focus on sexuality is because I realize how powerful it is. It’s not just an act, not just a few minutes of humping or stroking or shaking or screaming. No, sex is an act of worship, an act of healing. It is a divine act – or, as one of … Continue reading


Old poem found in my archives – I don’t think it’s been posted anywhere… I can tell it’s old; I’m rhyming! LOL Rain Rain, rain,  come again… And again … and again… Torrential flood released Soaking shower between These sheets Cool wetness now slides slowly And meets A searching, wondering Questing tongue Flicking, darting all … Continue reading

You, Me and Poetry

Tam Avery and I have fun collaborating on poems … here’s another recent one…. You, Me and Poetry (Robert) I want our minds to merge with sexual abandon.. (Tam) Merging and mingling Tingling spines Along with verbs… (Robert) Adjectives Inject incentives into Our mental movements – Let us stir similes into our sentences with The … Continue reading

I Reach For You

I wrote this poem in honour of the lady who became the 600th like on my EROTIC: Robert Gibson FB page. Temple BE is a beautiful, African Queen that I recently had the pleasure of connecting online; I searched through her page and wrote this as I was washed over by her and her page’s … Continue reading


This is one of my favourite poems.  I love performing it on stage! You can SEE the audience cumming when I do this piece! Enjoy my … Invocation Open up for me Sweet pink petals peeking cheekily Lips curved in a smile Molten desire like beads of sweat Dripping down Between folds of skin Tracing … Continue reading


I was inspired by the smile of one of my friends as she changed her profile pic on FB last week … I built a poem off the feelings driven by her pic.  Enjoy, and be made… Speechless…. You left me speechless: tongue tied. Voice fading into nothingness – the abyss left as I fell … Continue reading


I was inspired this morning to write a new piece.  I hope you enjoy it! Conquest I want To not be the explorer, But the explored – To be the land Ravaged Blazing new trails into virgin territory; Seeking veiled treasure Hidden behind the unknown. Making sojourn as musky heat rises – Passion’s noon. Skin … Continue reading

Worship II

I have been playing around with concepts and words lately.  I took a snippet of one of my daily love poems to my honey and expanded on it, playing with the concept of worship. Yes, I already have a poem named Worship, and you can see it here…. but enjoy my playing with myself and … Continue reading

Anointing (Extended)

I have promised to extend Anointing – make it more than a wordshine poem. This morning I sat at my computer after a dry spell of two to three weeks and started to write. As I tweeted today “Dear Twitter – my muse was out on sick leave with lyrical laryngitis – she is slowly … Continue reading

The Journey

Have you ever taken a trip and enjoyed the journey as much as the actual destination?   You notice all the sights and sounds; you are fully alive as your senses are awakened to everything, you are ALIVE in the moment?  Well take this journey with me ….. The Journey want to kiss my way … Continue reading

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