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erotic poem, sensual poem


One of the reasons I focus on sexuality is because I realize how powerful it is. It’s not just an act, not just a few minutes of humping or stroking or shaking or screaming. No, sex is an act of worship, an act of healing. It is a divine act – or, as one of my friends recently said, a moment in time.  I wrote this piece to capture the medicinal, divine aspect of sex.  Please enjoy this new piece.


I now believe in magic….
As clothes disappear with a practiced wave of fingers,
And tongue meets skin, conjuring spells of wonder upon naked flesh,
I lay, enraptured, as incantations make goosebumps appear unbidden.
You, the conjurer of my dreams, inspire spells of excitation
As runes of power are drawn over and over upon my stiffening shaft.
My senses fly with the accuracy of hexes,
Soul exiting body with the wail of the overcome
And, as your wetness envelops my hardness, my eyes roll back in rapture;
Your sorcery my undoing, my darkness unraveling under your light.
Hips gyrate In hieroglyphic patterns; lips form enchantments to release me from prison.
And I am free! Chains that bound for eons shattered in an instant;
Dark shadows, whispering curses to entrapped ears, flee under the onslaught of truth.
You, the erotic emancipator, my sensual sorceress, freeing my soul from bondage,
Bringing me up from the depths of my self-imposed imprisonment to others’ opinions
Until I see myself as you see me: purely, with no restrictions to our intentions.
You let things happen organically, like a druid celebrating nature’s course,
And we, magicians in tandem, twisting trances upon trembling sheets
Cast amorous spells in dual worlds until parallel universes collide.
Away, foul doubts! Only faith remains …
Fear banished from the realm by Goddess decree
And alchemy performed with every twist of hip and heave of breast
Transmuting my pain into golden strands of confidence.
Magic is real…

(Picture credit: Kenya Nushen)

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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